About Us

 About Us: We are your partner  

Before setting sail, find a partner who shares your objectives.

Mariner Retirement Advisors is that partner. We have one goal: to build and manage a retirement plan that helps you attract and retain the best employees—and that provides your employees with the tools and guidance they need to prepare for the retirement voyage they’ve always dreamed of.

Developing a plan that improves outcomes for you and your employees is not an easy task. Mariner Retirement Advisors employs a two-part process to design a retirement plan that will help your employees achieve their goals. After getting to know you, your employees, and your objectives, we will develop a plan that aims to prepare your employees for a rewarding retirement. Then we’ll monitor the plan and investments, adjusting course as necessary to make sure that your employees remain on track to get where they want to go. But our partnership doesn’t end there. Throughout your employees’ journey, Mariner Retirement Advisors provides education and consultation to ensure that they are ready for the retirement they’ve earned.

Learn more about how the retirement plan is developed and executed. 

From initial research through monitoring and assessment, our due diligence process is aimed at creating a rock-solid foundation for your plan. We utilize both quantitative and qualitative research to understand not only the investment opportunities on paper, but also the people and processes behind those investments. Once we’ve found the perfect fit, we’ll continue to monitor the managers to ensure they continue to act in the plan’s best interest.  

Our model portfolio process relies on that due diligence. We work closely with our clients to select plan investment options using our disciplined process of quantitative and qualitative analyses to identify the best investment strategies for the plan in each asset class. 

Behind your plan is a diverse team of experienced professionals whose sole responsibility is to oversee investment functions.

   Centre for Fiduciary Excellence

Mariner Retirement Advisors is certified by The Center for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) as meeting the standards described in the handbook “Prudent Practices for Investment Advisors.” The standard describes how an investment advisor assumes the responsibility for managing a client’s overall investment management process, which includes the selection, monitoring and de-selection of investment managers, as well as developing processes to implement investment strategies and fiduciary practices on an ongoing basis. These practices also include maintaining a fiduciary checklist for each of our clients to ensure proper fiduciary governance and compliance with ERISA and implementing best practices as described by the Department of Labor. View Certificate.